Marval Collection is not a disguised superhero brand, but a private collection of Contemporary Art based between Berlin and Milan. It comprises works by international artists mainly dating from 1970 to the present – with a few historical exceptions. Our aim is it to spread our love for art by supporting contemporary artist and creating a closer dialogue with a wider audience to create and share knowledge about the art of our time.

For us Contemporary Art presents an outlet for confronting society’s most pressing questions. Long before we knew each other we both felt an attraction to the art of our time. Our collection is a so-called ongoing project. It started 10 years ago with a few tentative acquisitions and we are constantly forming our taste. The great variety of artistic expression we are encountering excites us, as it strikes us as an essential characteristic of contemporary art. The dialogues with artists about their ideas and ways to express themselves enliven our collection.

We think of our collecting as purely private, a pursuit of our own personal taste and interests: Through art we found each other and thanks to art we enrich OUR family life, everyday.